Please see my google scholar page for up to date list of publications. Most of my work is on arxiv.

I've been involved in organizing:

Invited Talks & Lectures

    • Tutorial CVPR, 2022 [site]

    • Lecture at EEML 2022, Vilnius, Lithuania

    • Talk at Warwick University, 2022, UK

    • Talk at MILA, Montreal, Canada, 2022

    • Lecture at EEML 2021, Budapest, Hungary [virtual]

    • Talk at VMLW, 2021, Lithuania [virtual]

    • Lecture at EEML 2020, Krakow, Poland [virtual]

    • Talk at Oxford University, Oxford, UK, 5 March 2020 [slides]

    • Talk at LMLW, Lviv, Ukraine, 29th Feb 2020 [slides][video]

    • Talk at MIMUW, Warsaw, Poland, 24th Feb 2020 [slides]

    • Talk MLinPL 2019, Warsaw, Poland, 22-25 November 2019 [slides]

    • Talk at EEML 2019, Bucharest, Romania, 1-6 July 2019 [slides]

    • Talk at Deep Learning Theory meeting, Leipzig, Germany, 28th March 2019 [slides]

    • Talk at Center of Theoretical Neuroscience, Columbia University, NY, US, 8th March 2019 [slides]

    • Talk at Center for Data Science, NYU Data Science, NY, US, 7th March 2019 [slides]

    • Lecture at TMLW (Timisoara Machine Learning Workshop), Timisoara, Romania, 23 February 2019 [slides]

    • Talk at TFML (Theoretical Foundation of Machine Learning) Krakow, Poland 13th February 2019. [slides]

    • Talk at Institute of Science and Technology (IST) Austria, Vienna, Austira Feb 7th 2018 [slides]

    • Lecture at TMLSS (Transylvanian Machine Learning Summer School), Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 16th-22nd July 2018 [slides]

    • Talk at Bucharest Deep Learning MeetUp, Bucharest, Romania, 25th june, 2017

    • Talk at Cluj Innovation Days, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, March, 2017

    • Lecture at Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience Summer School, Shanghai, China, 9th-27th July 2016

    • Lecture at IK (Interdisciplinary Kollege), Gunee/Mohnsee, Germany 4th -11th March, 2016

    • Lecturer for Deep Learning Summer School organized by DENIS, Helsinki, Finland